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In collaboration with its partners, INGABO Syndicate organizes every year various activities with the purpose of promoting cassava crop.

This year 2019, with the partnership of AGRITERRA, the Cassava day took place on 21st November under the following theme ‘’Increasing the cassava productivity by strengthening cassava seeds growers’’

The cassava day celebration took place in Ruhango District, Ruhango sector, Gikoma cell and Rurambo village where different stakeholders, including farmers, partners of INGABO, representatives of local authorities of Ruhango district, attended that event.

Ceremony attendants

Among partners that have been represented, we may say AGRITERRA a Netherlands farmers organization, RAB, IITA, SPARK, CLECAM EJO HEZA Plc, RSB, KINAZI Cassava Plant, ACPR, ASPA, and others.

The following activities were on the agenda of the day:

  • Presentation of key findings from assessment done by INGABO Syndicate on different challenges existing now in Cassava value chain, with a special focus on sustainable structure of cassava seeds multipliers with aim to avail permanently suitable cassava seeds.
  • Presentation of seeds standards by Rwanda Standards Bureau (RSB)
  • Presentation of new cassava varieties by Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB)
  • Demonstration of new techniques of increasing cassava productivity on small lands (with the possibility to harvest of 75tons to 90tons/ha).

As stated, cassava production plays a key role in the economy of our country. It is used like source of food by many families. But also representative of KINAZI cassava Plant said that last year they exported cassava flower with a value of 1.2billion.

All participants appreciated the INGABO initiative of organizing cassava day and committed their contribution to promote the agriculture sector, more specifically the cassava crop.

Ceremony attendants following lessons on modern cassava crop farming.

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