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Most of people consider agriculture as a basic profession, as it safeguards all human being race’s lives, and it is the core of world’s economy.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, farming situation has even got worst and as a result of this, in partnership with EuroAfri Link, INGABO Syndicate put at heart most vulnerable farmer members, and offered them with the basics like face masks and soap to be safe from Coronavirus, and go on with their daily farming activities.

It is for this reason that INGABO Syndicate with EuroAfri Link on the date of 24th&28th of April 2020, donated these basics to 750 farmer members from Muhanga District, in Southern province. We recognize that it is farmers who feed the globe thus we all depend on their work.

Some of the beneficiaries, say that they heartily thank INGABO Syndicate with EuroAfri Link, to put them in their minds, and facilitate them to curb Coronavirus. These are NYIRANDIKUBWIMANA Francine and MUKANKUZI Ephigenie.

“We heartily thank very much EuroAFri Link and INGABO Syndicate for their partnership for the aid to curb Coronavirus spread. We are the first in our village to access and wear these face masks to fight against Coronavirus. This is a heart touching act, to show us that they are with us during this world’s pandemic, not only Rwandans”

“To think of us, is a very good initiative for everyone. We are lucky to be at the frontline, and we are going to sensitize others to join INGABO Syndicate. We thank you for thinking about us, and we wish to see you back with trainings and other various means to help us to do agri-business leading to food sustainability”

INGABO Syndicate represented by its Executive Secretary Oswald TUYISENGE, says that this is now to safeguard farmers’ lives, and urges that it’s not the last activity.

“This is to safeguard your lives, we donate a pair of face masks to each, put on one and wash another one, we also brought to you soap. This is a sign that we recognize you, we also support government directives to protect our farmer member until the pandemic ends”

Oswald TUYISENGE/ Executive Secretary at INGABO Syndicate sensitizing farmers to comply with all government’s directives to curb Coronavirus.

The first farmer members beneficiaries were those from Ruli, Kinini zones from Shyogwe sector, Karama and Mata zones; all from Muhanga district, Southern province.

For more details on activity, clink on the following link:

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